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NEW To-Go Container & Insulated Food Jar! Two new large stainless steel leak-proof products from U-Konserve are here!

NEW To-Go Container & Insulated Food Jar!

Our large 50-oz. To-Go Leak-Proof Container
with a CLEAR lid is perfect for takeout, large
entrees, salad bars and storing leftovers in the refrigerator.

Our large 16-oz. Eggplant Insulated Food Jar keeps food hot or cold for hours,
and is cool to the touch and moisture-free when filled with hot or cold foods.
NEW To-Go Container & Insulated Food Jar!
Great Hot & Cold Insulated Food Jar Lunch-Packing Ideas Great Hot & Cold Insulated Food Jar Lunch-Packing Ideas
Keep bellies full this school year with delicious hearty meals. Our insulated food jars keep food hot or cold for hours. Pre-heat by pouring very hot water inside, and letting sit for 3-5 minutes before pouring out and adding piping hot food. Pre-chill in the freezer for a few minutes before adding cold food. Your food jar is designed to keep the temperature you started with, so don’t forget to pre-heat or pre-chill!

Foods for your Food Jar Foods for your Food Jar Foods for your Food Jar
  • Layered Beans, Rice and Cheese (include tortillas in a Food Kozy and salsa in a Mini Container)
  • Add cooked Broccoli and Cauliflower to Marinara Sauce, use a hand blender to blend the veggies into the sauce, add ½ cup Parmesan and blend once more, and pour over pasta.
  • Feta Ricotta and Spinach Roll (My Lemony Kitchen)
  • Bean, Cheese and Rice Burrito wrapped in foil
  • Sesame Chicken Tenders with Dip (dip can go in our Mini Containers) (Weelicious)
  • Baked Potato or Sweet Potato wrapped in foil (include chives, sour cream, butter or salsa in our Mini Containers)
  • Sauteed Tofu with Peanut Sauce and Mint
  • Vegetarian Chili (Jamie Oliver)
  • Fruit Smoothies (Good Life Eats)
  • Yogurt with Strawberries and Granola (Granola can go in our Medium Containers)
  • Mango Applesauce (Family Fresh Cooking)
  • Easy Chicken Caesar Wrap (Ann Cooper)
  • Curry Chicken Salad with Apples, Almonds and Currants
  • Egg Salad (with Crackers in our Medium Containers)
  • Mediterranean Chicken Wrap (Healthy Child Healthy World)
  • Tuna Salad with Pickles
  • Vegetable Spring Rolls (Epicurious)
  • Seasonal Fruit Salad
  • Wild Wheat Berry Salad (Weelicious)

Kids Konserve Summer Travels...and TRASH
Kids Konserve was in Tulum this summer! Imagine a stunning,
3-mile-long secluded beach with emerald water, nightly nesting sea turtles and TRASH! Here is what we found:
  • — plastic forks
  • — plastic straws
  • — plastic bottles
  • — plastic bags
  • — millions of tiny plastic particles
Fortunately the community of Tulum is very involved in protecting the area, but these items are being washed ashore from other locations as well, perhaps hundreds of miles away.
How can you help?
  • — Choose to reuse
  • — Invest in products that will last a lifetime instead of one time
  • — Travel with reusable containers and food kozies for picnics
        and leftovers
  • — Refuse drinking straws in restaurants
  • — Pick up trash as you walk the beach
  • — Support organizations that are helping wildlife affected by
        beach trash. For example The Sea Turtle Restoration
    protects endangered sea turtles, and considers the
        ecological needs of marine species as well as the economic
        needs of local communities.
Kids Konserve Summer Travels...and TRASH


Chance and Lynn

Chance and Lynn
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