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March, 2011

Get Ready for Earth Day with our
Reduce Your Lunch Waste Classroom Challenge!

Wondering how to send home a message to your kids this Earth Day? Sign your child’s class up here for our Reduce Your Lunch Waste Classroom Challenge! Compete with classrooms across the country during the week of April 18-22 to reduce your lunchtime trash. You could win a Kids Konserve Snak Pak for every student in the class! It’s easy to get started, simply register your classroom here.

As an incentive to reduce waste, you can offer a 25% discount to families at your school on all Kids Konserve reusable waste-free lunch packing solutions for the entire month of April to honor Earth Day!

Green School Profile: Dixie Elementary School

Need motivation from other schools to help you get started? Learn from the Green Team at Dixie Elementary School. Their goal is simple: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot everything possible to reduce waste, decrease purchasing and disposal costs, create a healthier school environment, reduce their carbon footprint, and serve as a model of sustainability for their school and community. Together with parent leadership, students participate in a variety of engaging activities and educational programs, including environmental science and art projects, campus energy audits and water conservation initiatives, special guest speakers, Friday Recycle Days, and leadership initiatives like mentoring fellow students on proper waste sorting and recycling efforts.

Last year the Dixie Green Team worked with the local waste-disposal provider to launch a hands-on waste sorting program, no-waste lunch education seminars, and reusable container sales events. The students championed a “Plastics are Forever” campaign emphasizing reducing or eliminating the use of disposable plastics like bottles, containers and bags. As a result of these impressive initiatives, the school saved nearly $2,700 on waste disposal costs!

Does your school have an impressive waste-reduction program you’d like to share with other schools? Let us know at wendy (at)

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