Kids Konserve School Knewsletter
Vol. 2, No.2
March, 2010

Kids Konserve is going wild this Earth Day
with a 25% discount for schools!

What better way to honor the Earth? Earth Day can be a turning point to educate, raise awareness, and make a difference. Honor Earth Day’s 40th anniversary and take advantage of this opportunity to get your school moving toward a waste-reduction goal. Sign up now and receive 25% off all orders during the month of April!

Engaging your students in waste-free activities will not only reduce the amount of trash generated by your school and reduce waste-collection costs, it will also teach real-life concepts of environmental stewardship by finding ways to reduce and reuse. Environmental project-based learning will help children connect to the natural world, will help them feel like they are making real contributions to their community, and will help them integrate in-class learning with hands-on experiences. See our waste-free activities below to get started, or click here for many more.

  • Start a student green team to empower students to invent their own ideas to reduce waste, and implement actions to help the planet.
  • Have students and staff tote their own trash for the day to heighten awareness about what gets thrown “away” every day.
  • Calculate and compare costs of bringing a disposable waste-full lunch vs. a reusable waste-free lunch, and don’t forget to consider the cost-savings of buying in bulk.
  • Conduct a trash audit to help determine where the bulk of your trash is coming from so you know where to focus your waste-reduction efforts.
  • Have students enhance their math skills by calculating the school’s waste disposal costs each week or month, and estimate how certain actions can save the school money.
  • Create awareness at the waste bins by making large, clearly visible bin signs, and be sure to label the garbage cans as “landfill”.
  • Encourage students, parents and staff to pack a waste-free lunch by offering a variety of waste-free lunch products.
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