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Whether it’s your desire to reduce trash that’s headed to landfill, pack lunch in healthier containers, or save money on single-serving packaging…now is the time to pass on these deals to your families at school:
All Cotton Napkin 4-Packs
Butterfly and Caterpillar Waste-Free Lunch Kits
Orange and Mud Food Kozy 2-Packs
Squiggle Snak Paks
Mud 5-oz. Stainless Steel Container 2-Packs
Mud Ice Pack and Sweat-Free Cover
16-oz. Stainless Steel Logo Bottles
Greenwood Naturals Surface Spray and Dish Soap

Through our Waste-Free Challenge, Kids Konserve has reached out to over 640 schools! We have helped schools by offering a school-wide 20% discount to encourage families to go waste-free, offering fundraising programs with our reusable lunch products and custom stainless steel bottles, and providing waste-free activity idea and many hours of consultation!

Why encourage your school to go waste free?
•   Decrease waste that’s polluting our landfills and oceans.
•   Decrease your school’s daily trash, and ultimately decrease your school’s waste-collection costs.
•   Encourage parents to pack homemade snacks and lunches in place of pre-packaged foods.
•   Store food in healthier durable containers free of notorious toxins.
•   Save money by kicking the habit of buying single-use plastic and paper bags, plastic water bottles,
     juice boxes and single-serving packaged foods.

Want to kick-start the program again this year? Contact us and we’ll help you pass on information and our discount to encourage families to PACK WASTE FREE!

Looking for a comprehensive resource to green your school? The Green Schools Initiative is working to transform the school environment—and the markets that supply schools—to improve health and sustainability. They advocate for parents to be part of the solution and take action! See the steps in their Green Schools Parent Toolkit to make sure your school is healthy, safe and sustainable. Take advantage of this incredible resource as you pledge to help your school become more sustainable this year!

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