Kids Konserve School Knewsletter
Vol. 2, No.3
August, 2010


Go waste-free this school year and
pass on a 20% discount to your families, or
earn 20% of every sale for your school!

To help parents with the initial investment of switching to a waste-free lunch, we’re offering 20% off every order during August and September! Or, if you would like to use the discount as a fundraiser, you can choose to pass that savings on to your school instead—we’ll give your school 20% back on every order during August and September!

Need help getting your PTA on board? We can help educate schools about the benefits of switching to waste-free lunch:

  1. Families save money when they switch from single-serving packaged foods, drinks and containers. See our cost comparison for details.
  2. Families reduce waste and help the health of our environment. Educate your families by passing on the short video, The Story of Bottled Water, and consider offering custom stainless steel water bottles as a school fundraiser.
  3. Kids eat healthier when they prepare and bring fresh foods to school.
  4. Kids benefit from waste-free lunch products that are free of harmful toxins. Our products are free of BPA, phthalates, PVC and lead.
  5. Kids learn how their actions can directly affect the health of our planet when they pack a waste-free lunch and take part in waste-free activities.
  6. Schools save money on waste-hauling costs when lunchtime waste is reduced. The Center for Ecoliteracy reports: “A recent waste audit in Berkeley (California) Unified School District determined that the district was spending on the average of $26 per student for waste disposal, or a total yearly cost of $225,661 for the district. A large part of this figure is waste generated from school lunch.”
  7. Schools meet their goals to become more sustainable, promote environmental stewardship, and make real changes to educate their students about the importance of reuse.

Do most kids at your school order hot lunch? We have you covered with our new waste-free snack packs, the perfect reusable solution for bringing a school-time snack. As always, all of our stainless steel containers, thermoses, bottles, food kozies and waste-free lunch kits are all NON-TOXIC and NON-LEACHING, and contain no BPA, PVC, phthalates or lead! See all of our products in our online catalog.

Contact wendy (at) to receive a coupon code and help encourage your families to switch to a waste-free lunch. Our Earth thanks you every time you pack waste-free!

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