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The bottled water industry is taking a heavy toll on the environment as consumers use millions of barrels of oil to make plastic bottles, and then burn even more oil as we transport that water all over the planet. Hard to believe, but bottled water is actually held to less-stringent quality standards than tap water—some brands of bottled water are just tap water in disguise. And, more than 80% of those single-use plastic bottles end up in our landfills, creating even more pollution.

What can you do? Encourage REUSABLE bottles this April:
• Save more than 50% off our original stainless steel bottle designs: butterfly, caterpillar and logo
• See our new bottle designs, also made of unlined 18/8 stainless steel
• Consider custom stainless steel bottles for your school and get 25% off custom orders!

Remember to take advantage of our school discount and encourage your parent association to pass on our coupon code to honor Earth Day! Help rid your school of waste headed to the landfill, save money and pack a healthier lunch by clicking here.

Remember to sign up for our Reduce Your Lunch Waste Challenge for Earth Day—weigh and record your lunch waste for one week—and compete with classrooms across the country to win a Snak Pak for every child in your class! This photo shows ONE day of trash from ONE school!

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