Raise money for your school! Help rescue the earth! Reduce trash on your campus! Eat lunch in style! ALL AT THE SAME TIME! How? It’s easy! Get your school to graduate to a WASTE FREE LUNCH KIT with U•Konserve.

Make money or save money – 10% of each sale will be donated back to your school OR you may pass the 10% savings on to the student buying our waste-free products. You Choose! To find out the details on how to host click here.


Raise money for your school and eliminate all plastic water bottles and juice boxes from your campus. How? It’s easy! Sign up your students, family members and friends to order a 304 food grade stainless steel bottle with your schools logo on it. The proceeds will go back to your school. All it takes to get started is your schools logo and a minimum order of 50 bottles with U•Konserve. To find out the details email us at: [email protected].

Idea: The Green Team:can head this up and educate the school on why plastic water bottles are so harmful to our earth!

  • FACT: Americans will buy an estimated 25 billion single-serving, plastic water bottles this year. Eight out of 10 (22 billion) will end up in a landfill — Container Recycling Institute


  1. Start a Green Team: Put your 4th and 5th graders to work at lunch time. Have them show the little ones where to put their recycle and compost items, while teaching them how to pack a waste-free lunch.

  2. Trash-Free Tuesday: Set a goal of zero-waste from school lunches each Tuesday. Have the Green Team give a short presentation to introduce Trash-Free Tuesday to each classroom and incorporate things they can do to help the environment. Remove some of the garbage cans around campus – you just might be amazed.

    One day of lunch time trash from a school of 300 students.
    One day of lunch time trash from a school of 300 students.

    • FACT: A lunch packed with reusable items is typically 45% less expensive and contains 89% less waste than a lunch packed with single-use items.

  3. Talk to your cafeteria about how they can help, i.e. start compost scraps and the Green Team can take them to the compost pile. Click here for composting information.

    • FACT: If 400 students (the average size school) recycle AND compost their table scraps, this is a carbon savings of 80 cars taken off the road. Source:

  4. Green Kid of the Month/Week: Have teachers, parents and students nominate students who have made a difference by doing something Green. Honor them by the giving them a U•Konserve stainless steel water bottle for an extra perk!

  5. First Fridays: dedicate the First Friday of each month to turning in old batteries, cell phones and printer cartridges. These items are hard to dispose of and are toxic to our oceans and landfills. Check with your local sanitation department or go to Earth 911,, for ways to dispose of them. Some sanitation departments even give money back to the school in exchange for the items. Add to the fun by getting your local coffee house to donate coffee and bagels – FREE to all who bring their reusable coffee mug!

    • FACT: Ink Cartridges can take up to 450 years to decompose. Next time you buy, go with refilled cartridges, which work just like conventional cartridges and cost up to 75% less than new ones!

  6. Having a hard time getting teacher and students to participate? Idea! Have your Principal dye his/her hair GREEN for the day once your school’s goal of going waste-free has been met. It works they did it at the Hopi School in Phoenix.

  7. Plant a school garden.

  8. Hold a Green Theme Assembly to jumpstart the U•Konserve Waste-Free Challenge. Check with, Cool the Earth (, or Next Generation ( – 415.459.6398.

  9. U•Konserve Essay Contest: we often host different essay contests and quizzes in our Kids Korner section. Get your school classes to submit and they could win a free waste-free lunch kit, or host your own essay writing or picture drawing contest on the importance of going waste-free.

  10. Poster Contest: Have each class draw a poster promoting the Waste-free Challenge, hang the posters all around school and vote in a box at the Kids Konserve table the day of the waste-free sale on which poster everyone likes the most.



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