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Support our Waste-Free Challenge and every family at your school will save 20% on all of our products. There are two ways to save and promote Zero Waste:
  1. Pass on our flier with a coupon code for 20% off online orders to every family in your school.
  2. Host a “How to pack a Zero Waste Lunch” sale table at your school. Sell Kids Konserve products as a fundraiser or at a discount—we are offering FREE SHIPPING for all bulk school orders! Click here for details.
Rethink Your Snacks! All Food KoziesTM 25% off! We invented them for SANDWICHES, but our customers love them for SNACKS like cut fruit, veggies, bagels, crackers and sliced cheese. They’re also great for STORING items in the refrigerator such as blocks of cheese, cut meats and leftover veggies. Wrap it up and seal with the easy-to-
use Velcro closure to keep your food “kozy” and fresh.

Ditch plastic baggies for good. SAVE $ in the long-run with our unique alternative that also doubles as an on-the-go placemat. No inside corners to clean or fabric that gets yucky.
Hand wash and REUSE again and again.

As with all Kids Konserve products, our Kozies are BPA-free, non-toxic and non-leaching. They come
in two sizes and seven colors—including clear

SALE: Use coupon BESTKOZY25 for 25% off all
Kozies through September 15th. Kids Konserve Summer Travels...and TRASH
Kids Konserve Summer Travels...and TRASH Kids Konserve was in Tulum this summer! Imagine a stunning,
3-mile-long secluded beach with emerald water, nightly nesting
sea turtles and TRASH! Here is what we found:
plastic forks
plastic straws
plastic bottles
plastic bags
millions of tiny plastic particles
Fortunately the community of Tulum is very involved in protecting
the area, but these items are being washed ashore from other
locations as well, perhaps hundreds of miles away.
How can you help?
Choose to reuse
Invest in products that will last a lifetime instead of one time
Travel with reusable containers and food kozies for picnics and leftovers
Refuse drinking straws in restaurants
Pick up trash as you walk the beach
Support organizations that are helping wildlife affected by beach trash. For example The Sea Turtle Restoration Project protects endangered sea turtles, and considers the ecological needs of marine species as well as the economic needs of local communities.


Chance and Lynn

Chance and Lynn
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Kids Konserve products are tested BPA, phthalates, PVC and lead free!

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