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October, 2009

How Eco-friendly is Your PTA?

The new school year is in full swing, PTA meetings are in session, and ideas are flowing!  Are you finding that old habits and hosting the same fundraisers year in and year out are hard to break?  Sally Foster Wrapping Paper, bake sales, car washes, you know the drill.  There is hope!  There are so many new and innovative, not to mention GREEN, ways to raise money and awareness for your school.  Kids Konserve’s Waste-Free Challenge is one of them! 

The time is right for CHANGE and making a difference!  YOU can be the one to make a difference by submitting to your PTA ideas on how schools can raise money. Take our challenge and raise money and awareness at your school today.  Visit to get started. 

Visit: How to Prevent 67 Pounds of Trash! to learn just how much trash Kids Konserve can help you get rid of.

Fundraising is a large part of raising money for worthy causes.  By launching a Kids Konserve Waste-Free Challenge, you will be making a lasting contribution towards the future of our planet.

  • The average school aged child generates an estimated 67 pounds of lunchtime trash per school year. 
  • 25 million children carry lunch to school daily, which means 3.5 billion pounds of lunchtime trash is dumped in to our landfills each school year! 
  • Kids Konserve can help reduce the amount of waste we produce by millions of pounds of landfill per year and save you money. 


  • In the Classroom – The Kids Konserve Party Pak!     Take the trash out of the parties and keep the fun in the classroom – Kids Konserve has parties in the bag with our PARTY PAKS – reusable, dishwasher safe, 100% recycled plastic plates, cups and cutlery!

    Party Pak 
  • At Recess and on the fieldCustomized Stainless Steel Bottles!   Rid yourself, your school, and your community of plastic water bottles for good!  Create your own custom logo stainless steel bottles with Kids Konserve – minimum order just 50 bottles!

See how one school took the Kids Konserve Waste-Free Challenge and created a Trash-Free Thursday!  Visit our Kids Korner featuring Tori J. Sabatini and Trashless Thursdays.

Contact wendy (at) today to setup your school and start earning.

Have an “EEK-O-FRIENDLY” Halloween!

For many schools, Halloween kicks off the 1st Classroom Party for the new school year.  Signups are posted and the party planning is under way, thanks to all the parent and PTA involvement.  Who is bringing the paper products?  Let Kids Konserve help you keep the trash out of the bashwith our Party PakKids Konserve has parties in the Bag!

Kids are the VOICE of CHANGE and so is your PTA!

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