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KIDS KNEWS – Vol. 1, No. 7
October, 2009


Back in the day, Halloween was different.  It was a time to create, be imaginative, and it was a low-budget holiday.  I still remember the countless decorations and costumes that were made out of old sheets and cardboard, not bought.  The treats were homemade and trick or treating was done on foot.  We used old pillowcases as candy bags!  Back then, Halloween was green and it didn’t even phase us.  It was fun.  Now, almost $6 billion a year is spent on costumes, candy, decor and other accessories, most of which are made from unhealthy, unsustainable materials, by people who may not be paid living wages or treated fairly.  Most of the stuff – what isn’t consumed – winds up in landfills.  It is time to get back to basics – having good clean fun!

For many schools, Halloween kicks off the 1st Classroom Party for the new school year.  Signups are posted and the party planning is under way, thanks to all the parent and PTA involvement.  Who is bringing the paper products?  Let Kids Konserve help you keep the trash out of the bash with our Party PakKids Konserve has parties in the Bag!

Party Pak

Tips for a Green Halloween:

  • Apply the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) to all of your holiday choices: costumes, décor, goodies, etc. Of the 3 R’s, reducing is the best for the Earth, our wallets and, in regard to food, our waistlines. Rent, borrow, make or acquire used, when possible, to avoid buying new, especially disposables.
  • Consider your costumes. The truth is, many store-bought costumes and accessories contain toxic chemicals that not only are a potential hazard to your child, but also to the environment and the people who helped to make them. Choose fabrics such as cotton, wool and silk or make costumes yourself from materials you know to be safe.
  • Trim your trick-or-treats. Less is more. Preferably your goodies of choice are healthy and/or Earth-friendly, but even if they’re not, handing out just one (rather than the conventional handful) of something is better for kids, better for the planet and better for your bank account.
  • Choose eek-o-décor. Say ‘no’ to disposables and instead, re-use or re-purpose items you already own. Look also for items from nature and don’t forget to decorate with food (consumable décor). If you must use disposables, look for products that are reusable and recyclable items like Kids Konserve Party Pak.
  • Make your own face paints – the recipe can be found in the book, Celebrate Green!
  • Invitations – use e-invitations or make your own from reused, recycled or tree-free sources. 
  • Start small and build your confidence. Start simply by having (and using) a recycle bin at your party or by going bottled water-free. You can green up each of your next celebrations a little bit at a time until celebrating green-style becomes old hat.  Small things add up to big things.
  • Don’t  drive to trick or treat.  Encourage your neighbors to go green and then go door-to-door near you. It’s good for you and the planet and builds community.

Kids Konserve wishes you all a safe, fun, and eek-o friendly Halloween!

Chance and Lynn
Co-Founders Chance Claxton and Lynn Julian

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