KNEWSLETTER – Vol. 2, No. 9
November, 2010 & National Recycling Day

Kids Konserve wants you, our loyal customers, to be the first to know that a site dedicated to spotlighting unique, eco and family friendly products will turn its attention to Kids Konserve this Thursday, November 4th, starting 9am Pacific Time. Grab our unique "Waste Free Lunch Kit" (usually $42) for $20 or less.  The neat thing about Jasmere is that as more people buy, the price goes down.  And since they don’t charge credit cards until the sale ends, everyone pays the lowest price of the day.  Already have a Waste Free Lunch Kit?  Jasmere will also be offering discounts for the rest of our waste-free, reusable products, "vouchers" good across our site will be on sale for 56% off – or better!   

Spread the the word to your friends and family and get some discounted holiday shopping done early! 

National Recycling Day is November 15th. It will be easy to take an active role this year!  Simply take your lunch to school or work in our Beach or Moss Insulated Lunch Sacks made from 8 RECYCLED PLASTIC BOTTLES, along with our Sweat-free Ice Pak also made from recycled plastic bottles.


Chance and Lynn
Co-Founders Chance Claxton and Lynn Julian
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