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KIDS KNEWS – Vol. 1, No. 5
May, 2009

Feeling Waste Free This Summer!

As we head in to summer we typically think long summer days, more down time, picnics, care-free days at the pool and beach. We at Kids Konserve hope all of this for you! As you stroll through your summer days or head off  to summer camp do not let all of your families waste-free habits you have strived to achieve all school year go out the window.

Go Waste-Free this summer! Be Eco-Chic! Here is how to save the Earth in style this summer:

Rid yourself of plastic bottles!
– Choose a Bottle
– Choose to REUSE

Click to see more colors/patterns.  
Click to learn about our Custom Bottle Program.

Throw a Bash without all the Trash!
– Kids Konserve has parties in the Bag!

Bag the Baggie this Summer!
– You won't be grabbing for baggies, foil, or wax paper this summer!  

Have a relaxing and waste-free summer!

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