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KIDS KNEWS – Vol. 1, No.3  
March, 2009  

Do You Dread The Trash After Your Child’s Birthday Party or School Bash?

Kids Konserve Has Parties in the Bag!

Planning an event can be fun and dreadful at the same time.  A party is a wonderful way to celebrate your daughter’s/son’s birthday or a special holiday event (Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, etc.).  However, all the waste that it can create can be overwhelming. 

"I remember those birthday parties that I would just buy the disposable plates, cups, silverware, and napkins so I didn’t have to do any clean-up!  I just tossed out the disposable goods into the large plastic kitchen bag and tossed it into the garbage can, even having to jump on it to fit it all in.  Never did I think about the afterlife at the ever growing landfill." 

Imagine the mounds of landfill waste created by a classroom of 25 students having 4 holiday classroom parties and an average of 6 student birthday celebrations per school year.  This would amount to upwards of 250 paper plates, cups and disposable cutlery in a single school year.  Multiply this by an average school with 400 students and 16 classrooms and you arrive at an astonishing 4000 paper plates, cups, plastic forks, spoons and knives being tossed into our ever growing landfills.  Now you do not have to sign up anymore to buy and bring paper products for the classroom party or for your child’s birthday party. 

Our new Party Pak takes the waste out of our parties.  It is perfect for birthday parties, classroom parties, picnics, holiday parties, and block parties.   Waste-free events are a great way to show your commitment to the environment, but also model waste-free for your guests.  So, this year, have a birthday party that’s easier on the planet, and still have a ton of fun!

Kids Konserve has parties in the bag!
  Perfect for the classroom or at home.

  • 25 – 7" recycled plastic plates
  • 25 – 16 ounce recycled plastic cups
  • 25 – sets of recycled plastic forks, knives and spoons

Also available in sets of 12 for $35, for smaller gatherings.

Organized neatly inside 3 cotton drawstring bags.  All made entirely from 100% BPA and PHTHALATE free, recycled #5 plastic.  Think old yogurt and cottage cheese containers.  In addition, they are manufactured in USA!  The ultimate in REUSE!!!

And finish off your table setting with Fabkins – reusable cloth napkins.  Each order received through April 22 will receive 10% off at Look for coupon code on your checkout page.

Earth Day Special: Squiggle Bottle and Recycled Aluminum Name Tag only $9 – click here to order.

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