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New Products Have Arrived! Rounding out the Ocean & Sky Line

You asked for it! New reusable products in our popular Ocean & Sky Line are here.

Ocean & Sky
Ice Packs with Sweat-Free Cover

Made from recycled bottles!
Ocean & Sky Ice Packs with Sweat-Free Cover
Ocean & Sky
Food Kozy™ 2-Packs

See what’s inside our new CLEAR kozies.
2 for $9.00
Ocean & Sky Food Kozy™ 2-Packs
Ocean & Sky
Cotton Napkins (Set of 2)

Ditch the paper napkins forever!
2 for $10.00
Ocean & Sky Cotton Napkins (Set of 2)
New from U•Konserve

Now more ways to reduce waste at the grocery store and farmer’s market with our durable Go-to-Market Tote (also available in a discounted 3-pack), and at the dinner table with our new cotton napkins.

Go-to-Market Tote

Made from 100% recycled cotton!
$22.00 each, or Set of 3 totes for $50
Natural Go-to-Market Tote
Saffron & Slate
Cotton Napkins (Set of 2)

Use at work, on picnics, or at the dinner table.
2 for $10.00
Saffron & Slate Cotton Napkins (Set of 2)
Bag Bans are Everywhere! Bag Bans are Everywhere!

Los Angeles is the most recent city to ban plastic grocery bags. Almost fifty other California municipalities have also outlawed them, including San Francisco, San Jose, Long Beach, Berkeley and Malibu, and bag bans are spreading all over the country and the world. LA’s four million residents use an estimated 2.7 billion plastic grocery bags a year, so the impending bag ban is an important step to reduce the environmental impact, and send a message to other large cities to follow suit. Why?

  • Plastic bags do not biodegrade and end up in landfills or in the environment. It takes hundreds of years for plastic bags to decompose, releasing toxins into our soil, lakes, rivers and oceans.

  • Plastic bags threaten animals by strangling, choking or mimicking an alternate food source.

  • The production of plastic bags requires millions of gallons of petroleum and discharges a significant amount of carbon dioxide emissions.

Be ready with your reusable bags—made from 100% recycled cotton!


Chance and Lynn

Chance and Lynn
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