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Reuse Resolutions 2012The holidays offered a great opportunity to re-think how our families reuse and “konserve”. It got us thinking about what we can do more of to sustain our planet in 2012. Our children are now experts at not creating an ounce of waste from their lunches and snacks, we recycle and compost religiously, but still have many green feats to conquer on our path toward sustainability.

Kids Konserve Jars Chance’s resolutions for 2012:

REDUCE PACKAGED FOODS It is a convenience I admit, but I kick myself every time I succumb to avoiding the bulk bins and produce sections for the packaged foods aisles! This year I will shop the middle aisles of the store less, buy more in bulk, and stock up on some cool glass jars to store it all! While you’re at the market, don’t forget your reusable shopping bags and reusable produce bags.

ELIMINATE PAPER TOWELS I vow to use our flour sack towels for ALL! No more reaching for a paper towel in a pinch. In fact, I’m taking paper towels off of our counters and our grocery lists!

Lynn’s resolutions for 2012:

Working in this industry has opened my eyes to so much! There are so many ways to do your part in reducing waste from easy small tasks to very large life changing habits. Here are a few areas that are EASY to improve upon and some helpful solutions for making them habits!

REMEMBER REUSABLE BAGS Put your reusable totes right back in your car right after unloading your groceries so you aren’t at the store without them the next time.

BRING REUSABLE CONTAINERS TO RESTAURANTS If you bring your own reusable containers when eating out, you can avoid disposable takeout packaging for your leftovers.

BRING REUSABLE CONTAINERS AND KOZIES TO THE MARKET It’s easy to toss our food kozies in your bag for trips to the deli, and our leak-proof reusable containers are great for bulk items.

BRING ICE PACKS TO THE STORE If you have errands to run and want to keep food cold in the car, leave the house with a few frozen ice packs.

U-Deserve Deals We are offering monthly deals on our most popular reusable products throughout 2012! Get started this month with TWO leak-proof Stainless Steel Medium Round Containers for just $14 (regularly $18.50)! Use coupon code: UD050 through January.

Non-Toxic Lunchtime Makeover for 2012
We all know that toxic chemicals might be making their way into our bodies through lunch containers and food packaging. This is exactly why all Kids Konserve products are free of BPA, phthalates, PVC and lead! Make a commitment to choose only non-toxic lunch-packing solutions in 2012. Read on…Healthy Child Healthy World gives us 5 Tips to Makeover Your Lunch Box Staples.

With gratitude,
Chance and Lynn

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