KNEWSLETTER – Vol. 2, No. 1
January, 2010

My "Eco" Wish For 2010!

January is a time of renewal and fresh beginnings. A time to think about the greater good and a time to make resolutions for the year ahead. We at Kids Konserve are making resolutions, in addition to having had one of our own "Eco Wishes" granted!

We are asking ourselves and you, "If I could change or wish one thing for the greater environmental good in 2010 what would it be?"

Here is what Kids Konserve’s wishes are:

Chance: I wish that I would never have to see another plastic bag stuck in a tree or bush as I drive down the freeway.

Lynn: I would like to see less "garbage" bins filled with recyclable materials like glass bottles and aluminum cans.

Christy: I wish that restaurants/fast food restaurants would reduce packaging waste.

Wendy: I wish that our culture would recognize the irony of manufacturing "disposable" products often made from materials that persist in our environment for generations.

Gene: I wish we would all treat the environment as well as we treat our children.

McLaine (6 yrs. old): I would like to help the birds to not have any pollution from the factories.

Green Bag of GuiltWe want to hear from you. What is your one wish for the environment this New Year? We will pick our five favorite wishes we receive and post them on our site for Earth Day. In addition these five ‘winners’ will receive a copy of of the book, "Bag Green Guilt". Click here to submit your wish.

Wishes Granted: Kids Konserve is growing thanks to you! Kids Konserve was awarded a grant from the New York based women’s clothing company, Eileen Fisher. This grant will enable us to continue to  provide and research more innovative, reusable products. The grant was awarded to a woman owned business that is working toward environmental change in society. We are honored beyond belief to have received this grant. Thank you Eileen Fisher!

Chance and Lynn
Co-Founders Chance Claxton and Lynn Julian

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