KNEWSLETTER – Vol. 3, No. 3
February, 2011
We are sticking to our Eco-Resolutions. Are you?

You know the drill, reduce, reuse, recycle, reconstitute … But have you heard about the 5th ‘R’? To REMEMBER? Kids Konserve surveyed both employees and customers about what stops them from following through on the 4 ‘Rs’, and learned that many of you simply do not REMEMBER to Lifestyle Orange Bagincorporate the 4 ‘Rs’ in your daily life, for example to bring your reusable shopping bags in to the grocery store with you. This is where we come in. Kids Konserve will be introducing well designed, tested and approved products throughout the year that may just make REMEMBERING a bit easier. Meet the 24-7 reusable, collapsible bag. Roomy. Strong. Small. There is NO excuse not to REMEMBER!

We’ve Heard You!

We are constantly trying to improve our existing products and create new ways for you to reuse! Finding the perfect design and formula for our lids has been a top priority for us. We want them to be malleable enough for small fingers and hands while staying leak proof for those of us who have to clean up! Our NEW small round 5-oz. container lids are the perfect balance of the two! The new formula should be easier to use and prevent any potential cracking or tearing. If you are in need of replacement lids let us know by clicking here: [email protected] or shopping here.

Get Earth Day Ready! Classroom Challenge For Your Child’s Class.

Wondering how to send home a message to your kids this Earth Day? Be the forward-thinking mom or dad and sign your child’s class up for our "Reduce Your Waste Classroom Challenge". Compete with classrooms across the country during the week of April 18-22 to reduce your lunch-time trash! You could win a Kids Konserve Snak Pak for every student in the class! Now that is REUSABLE lunch packing! It’s easy to get started, simply register your classroom here.

That’s A Wrap SALE!

In honor of Valentine’s we are offering all of our Food Kozies™ (reusable food wraps) for 20% off through the month of February. Deliver your loved one’s Valentine’s chocolates in these! Simply use coupon code "Kozy20" at checkout.


Chance and Lynn
Co-Founders Chance Claxton and Lynn Julian
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