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Back to School Lunch Packing Deals

Whether it’s your desire to reduce trash that’s headed to landfill, pack lunch in healthier containers, or save money on single-serving packaging…NOW is the time to take advantage of late-summer savings and stock up on our reusable lunch-packing products!

All Cotton Napkin 4-Packs
Our handmade cotton napkins are a fun, waste-free alternative to paper napkins. Use at school as a napkin, as a placemat to avoid those dirty surfaces, and at home as stylish reusable dinner napkins.
Butterfly and Caterpillar Waste-Free Lunch Kits
Each kit includes a recycled cotton sack, two leak-proof stainless steel containers, a Food Kozy, cotton napkin, stainless steel bottle, and nametag. All items purchased separately would total $58!
Orange and Mud Food Kozy 2-Packs
Stop using plastic baggies altogether when you stock up on our innovative reusable Food Kozies! Perfect for sandwiches, bagels and apple slices, and great refrigerator storage for blocks of cheese, cut meats and cut vegetables. Also doubles as an on-the-go placemat!
Squiggle Snak Paks
The perfect solution for on-the-go snacks, after-school munchies, or a light lunch. Includes cotton drawstring bag, cotton napkin, leak-proof stainless steel container, Food Kozy and nametag.
Mud 5-oz. Stainless Steel Container 2-Packs
Our small stainless steel containers are perfect for raisins, crackers, nuts, grapes and dips for a leak-proof solution to your waste-free lunch!
Mud Ice Pack and Sweat-Free Cover
Our non-toxic gel pack comes inside a cover made from RECYCLED PLASTIC BOTTLES! Pop the duo in the freezer and place in our lunch kits and insulated lunch sacks for a colder lunch.
16-oz. Stainless Steel Logo Bottles
No more plastic water bottles or juice boxes! Our 16-oz. stainless steel beverage bottle is a great alternative to plastic or aluminum bottles at a very affordable price.
Greenwood Naturals Surface Spray and Dish Soap
Save the planet and your hands when you wash your Kids Konserve products with the soothing scent of lavender. Skip the chemical fragrance, and use biodegradable and non-toxic products made from Sonoma lavender and essential oils from Provence.

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