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FREE Limited-Edition 20-oz. Stainless Steel Bottle!

To honor Earth Day and to help you rid your life of plastic water bottles, we are giving away a reusable water bottle and sport top when you order $25 or more! Be the first to own a design by our new San Francisco-based artist and designer, Zio Ziegler, and stay tuned for more of his work to come. Offer good all weekend, April 21-22, while supplies last. No coupon code necessary. We only printed 100, so hurry! SHOP >

FREE Limited-Edition 20-oz. Stainless Steel Bottle


We're Giving Back 1% of Sales! This Earth Day weekend, April 21-22, we’ll give back 1% of sales to an organization that works for safe drinking water. Around the world, 783 million people do not have clean drinking water, and every day almost 6,000 people die from water-related illnesses—the vast majority are children. Water For People supports the development of locally sustainable drinking water resources, sanitation facilities, and education programs. Learn about their important work here. FREE Limited-Edition 20-oz. Stainless Steel Bottle!


bulletpoint Every week, Americans buy half a billion bottles of water, enough to circle the globe five times.
bulletpoint Each plastic water bottle requires three times its volume in water and a quarter its volume in oil during the entire production process.
bulletpoint Approximately 75% of plastic water bottles end up in our landfills.
bulletpoint It is estimated that about one third of all bottled water comes from the tap, which is actually subject to more stringent requirements for testing, sourcing, and filtration than bottled water.
bulletpoint The Natural Resources Defense Council conducted a comprehensive four-year scientific study of 100 brands of bottled water and showed that one third contained levels of contamination (including chemicals, bacteria and arsenic) that exceeded limits under either state or bottled water standards.
bulletpoint Learn more! Watch the creative and eye-opening video The Story of Bottled Water about the destructive cycle of bottled water.



Chance and Lynn

Chance and Lynn
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