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KIDS KNEWS – Vol. 1, No.4
April, 2009

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Small Voices Add Up to Big Things.

Nana learns about her granddaughter’s day at school just by packing her a snack for soccer.

"Hi Nana, I am home from school," says Rose.

"Hi sweetie, I am in the kitchen fixing you a snack for soccer," says Nana.

"Nana, you have so many plastic baggies in your drawer!  Please don’t use a plastic baggie for my snack.  Use a container, then I don’t have to contribute to trash.  Our school is going waste-free.  I heard that the USA alone is using 100 billion plastic bags each year.  Do you know how many zeros in billion that is?  9 zeros!!  I learned that in Math class today.  Did you also know, Nana, that there is a "plastic stew" in the ocean twice the size of Texas?  Somebody at school said it is called the "Eastern Garbage Patch".  And to think that Texas is the second biggest state in the USA.  I hope we never reach the size of Alaska!" says Rose.

"Oh, and Nana, could you sign my permission slip so I can go on a fieldtrip next week to be a part of Coastal Clean Up Day?  I wish we could just go to the beach and play.  Instead we will be picking up plastic bags and other people’s litter.  Why can’t people use reusable bags?!  Sarah told me that we are eating plastic!  All those plastic bags don’t ever biodegrade, they turn into tiny pieces of plastic that fish eat and we eat the fish; so we are eating the plastic.  Yummy!  Then I heard that China is banning free plastic bags.  Wow, even China is starting to go green!  Have we banned plastic bags here?  I know I am rambling.  But it is my planet, too.  Look on the brighter side, Nana, if 1 out of 5 people in the USA used a reusable bag we would eliminate 1,330,560,000,000 plastic bags in a lifetime!  That is a lot of plastic bags and a lot of oil.  I know that has got to make a difference on our planet!"

"Thank you Nana for putting my snack in a container.  I am off to soccer practice!" says Rose.

"And to think my granddaughter is only 8 years old.  They are so smart!" says Nana.


Small voices add up to big things.  We just love how naturally these concepts and ideas of reuse and not creating waste come to children, as if it is just a part of their home environment.  The importance of the planet and the power of the little things, like REUSING,  add up to big things.


If you were asked to create one thing that could help stop people from creating waste, what would it be?  How/What do you do to help the planet?  What do you reuse?  What would you and your family have to do to stop creating so much waste?  How will you celebrate Earth Day this year? 

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A winner will be picked randomly on April 22, Earth Day, 2009  6p.m. (PST).

Happy Earth Day!

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