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$7 Wild Leaves Bottle! $7 Wild Leaves Bottle!

Ever kick yourself because you’re in a situation where buying water in a disposable plastic bottle is your only option? Ever think this will be the last time you’ll leave the house without a reusable bottle? Ironically, disposable plastic bottles are created to last a lifetime, but are used for only a few minutes. Solution: the Wild Leaves stainless steel bottle.

Americans discard 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour.
$7 Wild Leaves Bottle!

Our collectable Wild Leaves stainless steel bottles are now $7 (regularly $15.95). Created for U•Konserve by artist Zio Ziegler, these durable, stylish bottles make great gifts, thoughtful party favors, unique school giveaways, practical stocking stuffers, and are perfect for everyday outings, school and work. Never get caught without a reusable bottle again.Get the $7 bottle

$7 Wild Leaves Bottle!
Congratulations California

California is the first state to ban single-use plastic bags—excellent news considering Californians toss 14 billion plastic bags every year. Worldwide, plastic bag use is estimated at 1 trillion bags a year—about 2 million bags per minute. Stock up with our 3-pack of recycled canvas Go-to-Market Totes, on sale for $45 ($15 each)!

Taking Lunch to Work
Congratulations California

Halloween is a challenge for many families who are trying to encourage environmental awareness and healthy eating. It’s often ridden with sugar gluttony and cheap plastic handouts. Do you have creative ideas to share? Join the conversation on Facebook.


Chance and Lynn
Chance and Lynn

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