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Lids for Life

Our customers say they come to us for dependable, long-lasting products that hold up better than our competitors. We take pride in our durable stainless steel, high-quality fabrics, and safe and reliable plastic materials—all designed for daily use. The longer your containers last, the happier you are and the fewer resources are used to reach our collective goal: to reduce waste from food packaging.

Lose a lid? It’s easy to get a replacement here. Use coupon code LIDS20 for 20% off all lids through October.

Have a damaged lid? We hope not, but if so let us know and we’ll replace it for FREE!

Taking Lunch to Work

As shown in a recent Kitchenware News article, people are being encouraged to bring lunch to work, and U•Konserve is meeting the needs for this set of consumers: “Economists, time management experts and nutritionists are all urging Americans to skip fast food lunches in favor of bringing lunches to work…” Read about the trend in Merchandising the Office Lunch.

Taking Lunch to Work

Reduce waste every time you eat out, including at your next sporting event or summer concert. Top zero-waste tips for your next tailgate:

  1. Pass the Glasspremade food and drinks travel well in glass storage containers. Our Glass Containers and Glass Bottles have silicone sleeves for a non-slip grip and cushion from breakage.
  2. Pack Efficientlystackable containers make cooler-packing a cinch. Look for square To-Go Containers and rectangle Glass Containers that take up less space, and don’t forget to keep food and drinks cold with sweat-free Ice Packs.
  3. Reuse & Recyclebring one bag to collect your recycling and one bag for your dirty accessories to take home to wash (like cloth Napkins and bamboo Utensils), and leave the trash bag at home—you won’t need it!
Tailgating Tips


Chance and Lynn
Chance and Lynn

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