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Free Recycled Cotton Tote

We’ll send you a free 100% recycled cotton Go-To-Market Tote with a $75 minimum order (while supplies last)—to get your free gift use coupon GTM75 at checkout. Modeled from a French bakery bag, this large and durable canvas bag is perfect to reuse for trips to the grocery store, farmer’s market, beach, and of course the bakery. Offer good through 9/30. free shipping over $50

Free Recycled Cotton Tote
More about U•Konserve Glass

Safe—Glass is non-porous and impermeable.
Durable—Long-lasting glass resists stains, scratches and odors.
Practical—Glass can go from freezer to fridge to oven/microwave to table to dishwasher.
Sustainable—Glass can be recycled and reused infinitely without losing clarity or quality.

free shipping over $50 There is No Away

For over a year, Heather Itzla has been picking up pieces of plastic in her community to help us understand our personal impact when it comes to the trash that litters our neighborhoods. She believes “we need to take steps to prevent this stuff from entering our lives in the first place.” Visit her blog There is No Away to see what litters California, Italy and Mexico, and to see the ubiquitous Starbucks green straw.


Chance and Lynn
Chance and Lynn

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Tested free of BPA, phthalates, PVC and lead!

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