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Get Ready for Back-to-School Waste-Free Lunch Kits 25% off

Six years ago we launched our first Waste-Free Lunch Kit to help eliminate the 67 pounds of lunch waste per student that’s headed to landfill every year—and they’ve been the perfect back-to-school waste-free solution ever since. Now the favorite Butterfly and Caterpillar Lunch Kits are on sale. Hurry…sale ends July 31st.

Waste-Free Lunch Kit Waste-Free Challenge

Now’s the time to encourage families at your school to pack waste-free lunches and SAVE 20%. Most of the trash we generate comes from food packaging, and school lunches are a main reasons we create a staggering amount of waste every day.Waste-Free Challenge

One Ziploc may not seem like a big deal, but if we multiply 180 school days by 50 million students, that equals 9 billion plastic baggies in our landfill every school year. We’ll be back to school before we know it, and families will be going through their school supply checklist soon. Make reusable lunch products easy to purchase and less expensive by passing on our school discount. Find out more about our Waste-Free Challenge.



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