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Do you need that plastic straw? Why switch to reusable straws?

The plastic we throw away every day is polluting our cities, open spaces, oceans and bodies. Plastic creates toxic pollution at every stage: manufacture, use and disposal. The solution goes further than avid recycling or refusing to litter because the problem is a society built on disposable, single-use plastic.

  • Plastic doesn’t biodegrade, it photodegrades, which means the material breaks into tiny toxic pieces but never breaks down completely.
  • Animals frequently consume plastic thinking it is food: 86% of turtles, 44% of marine birds, and 43% of marine mammals have plastic in their guts, says the Oceans Program at World Wildlife Fund Canada.
  • Recycling is not a sustainable solution to the crisis. Not only do plastic straws have a short lifespan and rarely get reused or recycled, but they usually come with plastic/paper wrap.
  • Plastic straws can be made from questionable plastic with unknown health effects and can poison our food chain and our bodies.

Our project to produce reusable Food Kozies is fully funded, but there’s one more day to support the movement before our project ends. Pledge now on Barnraiser to help educate schools, families and communities about disposable plastic waste. Start your school year waste-free with our Waste-Free Classroom pledge level and get 30 special-edition Food Kozies for your entire class. Now THAT’S a conversation starter!



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Chance and Lynn

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