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Barnraiser Limited-Edition Earth Day Food Kozies

what we’re creating

With the help of a new crowdfunding site, Barnraiser, we will create a special-edition Food Kozy Wrap to educate schools, families and communities away from the 100 BILLION DISPOSABLE PLASTIC bags that are thrown into landfills every year.

WHY Invest

Depending on your pledge level, you will receive special-edition Food Kozies and a variety of other reusable food-storage products as a thank you. We’ll be giving Food Kozies to families, schools and organizations to help them on their path to becoming waste free—and you’ll be helping to make that happen. Take part in our effort to spark a conversation among kids and inspire a REUSE REVOLUTION!


Our initial goal is to raise $6,000 to produce the special-edition Food Kozy Wrap, get it in the hands of people who want to reduce the staggering amount of waste associated with disposable plastic bags, and raise awareness.


Go to Barnraiser, choose your pledge level and complimentary reusable products, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Now is the time to be the change and raise conscious funds for something that counts! JOIN other like-minded people and help us on our crowdfunding journey.

Earth Day Food Kozy Wraps

Visit Barnraiser to learn about
how to support our new endeavour.


Chance and Lynn
Chance and Lynn

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