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New Year, New Name!

It’s official—we are now U•Konserve! We are committed to providing your entire family (not just the kids in the group) with our safe, durable, long-lasting and reusable food-storage solutions.

When we launched in 2008 we began as Kids Konserve, with a focus on offering waste-free lunch-packing solutions for kids. Over the past five years demand has steadily increased, and we have expanded to include products for teens and adults, as well as a complete line of general food-storage solutions. We provide the same high-quality, durable, non-toxic products, now with a name that better describes what we offer!

Free Shipping Through January!

With the New Year comes the desire for mindful eating and healthy portion sizes. Try our container options and healthy recipes to help you along the way! We help you commit to a healthier lifestyle by offering solutions for packing homemade foods, skipping takeout, reducing packaging waste, practicing portion control, saving money, and avoiding toxins—all good for your body and the earth.

Healthy Resolution Solutions
Healthy Resolution Solutions 20% off BPA-Free Lids!

Extend the life of your containers by taking advantage of our 20% off sale. Use coupon code LIDS20 for 20% off all lids through February.


Chance and Lynn

Chance and Lynn

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