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20% off Kozy® Wraps…Sale Ends Soon!

Stop buying disposable plastic and commit to a reusable solution this year with our Food Kozy Wraps—perfect for lunch packing and day-to-day food storage. Save 20% on all Kozy Wrap 2-Packs (through October)! Watch our Kozies in action in our new video >

20% off Kozy® Wraps…Sale Ends Soon!
The Zero Waste Home The Zero Waste Home

We all know that it’s better for your budget and the environment to invest in quality products that last instead of buying disposables over and over again. It’s easy to go waste-free at lunch or in the kitchen, but can you do it everywhere in your house? Bea Johnson, a San Francisco Bay Area mother of two, has been living waste-free for years—and she’s serious. Get inspired by watching her Zero Waste Home video series here.

Get the Facts

Difficult to recycle, Styrofoam degrades into tiny toxic pieces that pollute our environment, and was recently named a probable carcinogen by the EPA. Learn three ways to avoid Styrofoam.

The Zero Waste Home Are your receipts toxic?

The good news is that the FDA banned endocrine-disrupting BPA in children’s products last year. The bad news is that the chemical industry is looking for alternatives, and some of these new coatings have the same carcinogenic effects. Learn six ways to reduce your exposure.


Chance and Lynn

Chance and Lynn

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