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Meet our New Wild Leaves Collection!

In stock and ready to order! We’re wild about the launch of our new Wild Leaves collection, and the debut of our new pattern designed by award-winning artist Zio Ziegler—inspired by organic relationships in nature and our delicate ecosystem. Explore these new ways to REUSE!

WANT THE FACTS? Americans use a staggering 500 million straws EVERY DAY

The good news is that it’s easy to beat the disposable plastic straw habit. Just ask Milo Cress, the 11-year-old spokesperson for the Be Straw Free project. He started a campaign to encourage people to refuse disposable straws. At there’s a petition to encourage a large restaurant chain to only serve straws to people who ask for one, which will divert an unbelievable 180 million straws from landfills and waterways every year. When someone from Surfrider took a very short walk down a Florida beach recently, he found 16 plastic straws (see picture). He’s hopeful though, as the Florida community started a “skip the straw” campaign. What can you do?

  • Request drinks without straws when on the go
  • Refuse disposable drink boxes that come with single-use straws
  • Encourage coffee shops and restaurants in your community to go straw-free
  • Start a skip-the-straw ban in your own community

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Visit our Waste-Free Challenge link if you’d like to participate in our school program to reduce waste and earn money for your school. We’re offering a school coupon code for 20% off! Please contact us with questions.


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