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We are Inspired this Earth Day

We’re happy that awareness is rising. Here are some examples of people and organizations doing extraordinary things to raise awareness and eliminate single-use plastics:

  • Check out the creative exhibition
    at the Museum für Gestaltung in
    Switzerland that claims “not a single
    square kilometer of seawater is free
    of plastic particles”. The exhibition
    shows how much plastic an average
    person tosses every day, and how
    much makes its way into our oceans
    every 15 seconds—staggering
    when you see the piles.

  • One inspired mom set sail on a 2,600-mile expedition to study plastic pollution in the North Pacific Gyre. They trawled over 20 times, and found plastic every time—thousands of miles from shore. They learned that there is no large accumulation of trash in the ocean, but that it’s everywhere—more like a plastic soup instead of a plastic island—making it impossible to clean up. Remember: Sea turtles think plastic bags look like jellyfish and seabirds think the common pellets used to make plastic products look like fish eggs.

  • Wondering how to put this floating plastic to use? Method figured out a way. They now use only post-consumer recycled plastic in their bottles, including discarded plastic from the ocean. Employees and local beach clean-up groups have hand-collected more than one ton of plastic from Hawaiian beaches to use in their new bottles, keeping a ton of plastic away from marine life.

  • When we read this on our Facebook page, we were saddened by what happened, but inspired because the customer took time to write, and we hope readers took time to think: “True Story: Yesterday afternoon, when I was surfing, I kept finding trash floating in the water. I typically pick it up and tuck it into my wetsuit (good wave karma), but there was so much floating around I found myself saying “I wish I had a plastic bag to put all this junk in” and alas, one soon came floating by for me to do just that. Ironic, huh?”


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