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Packaging accounts for nearly 32% of all household waste in the U.S., and each American throws away about 4.6 pounds of garbage every day, which is more than any other country! Kick the disposable habit and REDUCE your household garbage by eliminating single-use food packaging and REUSING whenever you can. Start this Earth Day—REUSE with lunches, picnics, takeout, leftovers, salad bars, camping, summer travel, at the bulk bins and more!

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One School's Mission to Reduce Waste

Sun Valley School in California learned that every year Crayola makes about half a billion plastic markers (enough to wrap around the earth more than three times), and now they’re asking Crayola to make sure these markers don’t end up in our landfills and oceans. Support their take-back program, advocate for fewer disposable plastics, and sign their petition at

Earth Day Bingo

Inspired by Beth Terry’s book, Plastic Free, a sixth-grade teacher at Shoreline Middle School in California developed a program to encourage students to reduce the use of disposable plastic. The kids fill in bingo spaces when they’ve completed one of 24 earth-friendly actions. Each space has a task like: give up bottled water, carry reusable utensils, and carry a reusable shopping bag. On Earth Day the students tally their bingos and enter to win a reusable raffle prize. Contact us to see an example of this creative project!

Trashed Documentary Trashed Documentary

A compelling documentary about an urgent problem asks “Does anyone think about what happens to all the trash we produce?” Jeremy Irons travels the world to destinations tainted by pollution and seeks imaginative and productive solutions. See the Trashed trailer here.

Visit our Waste-Free Challenge link if you’d like to participate in our school program to reduce waste and earn money for your school. Please contact us with questions!


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