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All Waste-Free Lunch Kits are $40!

The perfect sustainable gift, now at a lower price. Kids love to reuse at school, and grown-ups love to reduce waste and save money otherwise spent on plastic baggies and packaged foods. Reuse in style with our functional waste-free lunch kits available in three patterns. SHOP >

All Waste-Free Lunch Kits are $40!

This year we had the opportunity to visit our manufacturers overseas, and in Asia we saw firsthand the process used to make our recycled bottle fabric for our durable and machine-washable Insulated Lunch Totes, Insulated Lunch Sacks and Ice Packs.

We remain committed to high-quality, non-toxic materials designed to be functional and long lasting, and to minimize waste throughout each product’s life cycle. Unless recycled, discarded plastic bottles will break down into small toxic fragments that contaminate our soil and waterways. We are grateful to be working with a factory that is making a difference and taking steps to manufacture sustainable

All Waste-Free Lunch Kits are $40!
All Waste-Free Lunch Kits are $40!
All Waste-Free Lunch Kits are $40!
Get the Facts: America's Trash

We’re fortunate to welcome a contributor who has a lot to say about waste—she’s passionate about the facts and interested in teaching us about the origins of waste and solutions to our staggering waste problem. Click here to read her first post!

Congratulations Project Green Challenge Finalists

Teens Turning Green mobilized students across the U.S. and around the world to transition their lifestyles from conventional to conscious. More than 2,500 students in 49 states and 33 countries participated in the 30-day eco lifestyle challenge. Congratulations to these eco leaders and thanks for your feedback!

“All of the great prizes your company provided us throughout the challenge have been absolutely incredible! I use your food kozy wrap on a nearly daily basis. Your products help reduce waste and are stylish and fun additions to any lunch. I love the sturdiness, and quality of everything I’ve received.”


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Chance and Lynn

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