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Clear Lids are Here! At long last...SEE what's inside!

Now you can see what is stored inside your round leak-proof stainless steel containers. Our new clear option makes it easy for kids to see the contents of their snacks and lunches, and for you to see your leftovers in the refrigerator. SHOP >

Order now and get free shipping in the U.S. on ALL orders over $50. SHOP >

Clear Lids are Here! At long last...SEE what's inside! New 13-ounce Stainless Steel Butterfly and Caterpillar Bottles

Our popular Butterfly and Caterpillar pattern has just arrived in a new redesigned bottle. This handy 13-ounce size is perfect for little hands, and the unlined stainless steel is high-quality and durable. Choose this safe alternative to plastic while also reducing single-use plastic bottle waste. Sport top available too. $15 SHOP >

Thank You for Your Support

Thank you for allowing us to stay true to our mission to offer sustainable products that encourage waste reduction and raise awareness. With your help, this past year:

  • We diverted millions of single-use plastic baggies from landfills, oceans and rivers.
  • We eliminated tons of disposable takeout and salad bar containers from our landfills.
  • We diverted thousands of plastic bottles from our waste stream by re-purposing them into insulated lunch sacks and ice packs.
  • We eliminated thousands of plastic utensils from our landfills.
  • We diverted thousands of paper and plastic shopping bags from our waste stream.
  • We worked with hundreds of schools to help educate and promote reuse.
  • We helped thousands of families pack a waste-free lunch, eliminating tons of disposable products otherwise destined for the trash bin.


Chance and Lynn

Chance and Lynn
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