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Conquer 3 New Year’s Resolutions with Kids Konserve™ Lunch-Packing Products

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (December 08, 2011) – Many New Year’s resolutions list saving money, living a healthier life, and being more environmentally-friendly. Kids Konserve™ offers a neat and tidy way to seal the deal on these resolutions in 2012 with their non-toxic, reusable, waste-free lunch and snack-packing products for kids and adults.

Eating lunch or buying coffee or water bottles at cafes and cafeterias adds up quickly. Save some dough by buying lunch items in bulk and packing lunches in Kids Konserve’s non-toxic, reusable bags, containers, cups and bottles. Just switch out disposable sandwich bags for the Kids Konserve’s reusable Food Kozy™ or leak-free stainless steel food containers and insulated food jars to reduce daily lunch costs. For instance, save $.44 each day by packing a six-ounce serving of yogurt in a Kids Konserve insulated food jar, rather than buying the six-ounce plastic container at the store. See more examples on this Cost Comparison chart.

Sure, that McDonald’s across the street is easy, but another year of fast-food is no kind of New Year’s resolution. Luckily, eating on the go can be healthy and still simple with the help of Kids Konserve’s handy to-go containers. Pack up the healthy leftover soup and salad from last night’s dinner in leak-proof, stainless steel, portion-controlled Kids Konserve containers to enjoy healthier, homemade food—without toxins! Kids Konserve makes non-toxic, safe products that undergo strict quality control and are tested by a CPSIA-accredited independent labs, to ensure that they are free of BPA (bisphenol A), phthalates, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and lead.

How much of your lunch ends up in the garbage can (and then the landfill) each day? Plastic baggies, bottles, containers and utensils; paper bags, napkins and deli wrappers; uneaten food; Styrofoam… The list of wasted and environmentally-harmful resources can be astounding. Kids Konserve makes it easy to cut out the waste in daily lunches and snacks with comprehensive Lunch Kits and Snak Paks including recycled cotton bags or sacks, cloth napkins, reusable Food Kozies™, stainless steel leak-proof food containers and more.

Kids Konserve™ offers a complete line of waste-free lunch and snack packing solutions, and is dedicated to educating families, schools and the general consumer on the importance of ‘reuse’ through its non-toxic, non-leaching, waste-free products. Kids Konserve products can be purchased at, as well as through retailers such as Whole Foods and To see the Kids Konserve lines, please visit Editors seeking more information may contact Holly Padove at (805) 773-1000 or email [email protected].

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