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Kids Konserve™ Launches New Brand “U-Konserve “
A Waste-free, Reusable & Stylish Lunch Packing Line for Adults

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 3, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (November 3, 2011) – Kids Konserve TM, manufacturer of eco-friendly, waste-free lunch kits for kids, introduces U-Konserve™, a new line of environmentally-savvy and stylish reusable lunch totes, stainless steel containers, and accessories for the eco-minded adult.

Based on the same environmentally-conscious paradigm as the Kids Konserve line, U-Konserve empowers adults and teens to reduce waste associated with eating on-the-go, while eliminating toxic materials often found in reusable food containers. U-Konserve products are made from the safest, non-leaching, non-toxic, BPA, PVC, phthalate, lead-free and recycled materials.

Available in primarily Saffron or Slate colors, the line includes:

  • Insulated Lunch Totes and Sweat-free Ice Pack-Covers made from recycled PET #1 plastic bottles. (MSRP $29 and $11.50);
  • “Go-to-Market” Totes made from 100%-recycled cotton, great for the Farmer’s Market, travel and more (MSRP $38);
  • Multi-use “Spork” eating utensil made from sustainably-harvested bamboo (MSRP: $5.50);
  • Food-grade (304) stainless steel water bottles, coffee cups and food containers with non-toxic plastic and silicone lids (MSRP $17 – $18);
  • Reusable large Food Kozy™ wraps (right) that double as placemats (MSRP two for $9.50);
“The U-Konserve line is a complete ‘lunch management’ system,” said co-founder and product designer Chance Claxton. “Those using it will reduce land-fill garbage, cut grocery bills (by packaging a lunch), decrease their exposure to dangerous toxins found in plastic containers and bags; and eat healthier, home-made lunches (instead of fast-food). The added benefit, of course, is that the products are aesthetically appealing, making it both a smart and savvy way to bring a ‘sack lunch’ to the office, or anywhere.”

U-Konserve was created for adults and teens who requested a “grown up version” of the Kids Konserve line. “Grown ups have been inspired not only by the eco-chic and stylish Kids Konserve line, but by its mission to educate on the importance of ‘reuse’ and to radically reduce lunch waste in schools,” continued Claxton. “It is an example of the power and impact youth have in creating change in the world.”

The full U-Konserve line will be available starting November 14, 2011 at retailers worldwide such as Whole Foods and

Founded in 2008, Kids Konserve is dedicated to educating families, schools and the general consumer on the importance of ‘reuse’ through its eco-chic, non-toxic, non-leaching, waste-free lunch and snack packing solutions. To see the Kids Konserve or U-Konserve lines, please visit or Editors seeking more information may contact Holly Padove or Jamie Relth at (805) 773-1000 or email [email protected]

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