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Our Best Seller: The Divided Rectangle

Taking the lead once again is our durable and functional stainless steel Rectangle Container with Removable Divider. Makes lunch-packing easy, and it’s so practical we think every kitchen should have several of these leak-proof necessities. Compared to our competitor’s 36oz. bento trio (that retails for $32.99), our 33oz. bento is made with the same high-quality 18/8 stainless steel, but its clear leak-proof lid and adjustable divider give ours the upper hand. And to top it off, ours retails for half the price: $15.95.

Our Best Seller: The Divided Rectangle

One Less Plastic Bag

If everyone in New York City used one less plastic bag every year, 200 tons of carbon dioxide would be eliminated. We’re grateful to so many of our stores for sharing our waste-free mission and supporting environmental causes. Get your summer off to a sustainable start and commit to eliminating all single-use plastic baggies—an easy goal with our reusable options. Find them online or at a store in your community.

Woodstock Hardware, New York Good Earth Natural Foods, California Ashland Food Co-op, Oregon
Woodstock Hardware, New York Good Earth Natural Foods, California Ashland Food Co-op, Oregon

U•Konserve Supports

We’re excited to partner with Clean Water Action to support their Rethink Disposable campaign, working to replace single-use products with durable, reusable alternatives because recycling and composting efforts fall short. Clean Water compares the situation to an overflowing bathtub:

Would you keep mopping up the water, or work to stop the leak? This campaign is about stopping the leak that is flooding our communities with preventable trash.

We’ll be at their upcoming Plastic is Getting Drastic event in the Bay Area where Captain Charles Moore will present his latest research on the North Pacific Gyre, home of the fastest-growing swirling vortex of plastic trash. A follow-up discussion with a plastic pollution solution panel will consider ways to solve the problem. Spread the word!

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