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Earth Month is almost over…but you can still make an impact. Honor the Earth by purchasing with intention and choosing quality, long-lasting products that reduce waste with every use. Save 15% on all orders with coupon code APRIL15 and start reusing today—every day.

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Change a Habit

To honor Earth Month, commit to something, even if it’s small, every day. Get inspired by two women, one on each coast:

See Bea Johnson’s journey on her blog: Zero Waste Home. She and her family are not only happier since their quest to live waste free, but they also lead more meaningful lives based on experiences instead of stuff.

Lauren Singer, inspired by Bea, keeps her trash in a 16-ounce Mason jar, and hasn’t emptied it in two years. How? Find out at: Trash is for Tossers.

Start small: give up plastic wrap, stop buying Ziplocs, bring reusable containers to the market, carry a reusable utensil and wrap in your bag. You can also offer our products at your school for 20% off and get one step closer to changing a habit and getting involved this Earth Month—contact us to get started. Small change. Big impact.

Change a Habit Change a Habit

Trash is for Tossers Lauren Singer and her two years’ of trash.


Chance and Lynn

Chance and Lynn

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