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Change a Habit this Earth Month
Change a Habit this Earth Month

FactAmericans use 500 million plastic straws every day. Placed end to end, the number of disposable straws used in the U.S. in the past four days could reach the moon. We also use enough to fill over 125 school buses with plastic straws every day—that’s 46,000 school buses every year full of straws.

SolutionHelp eliminate plastic straws from the waste stream: pledge to refuse single-use straws and use our stainless steel alternative.

Get InspiredA group of passionate Marin County students convinced 16 restaurants in their community to sign a pledge to only serve Straws Upon Request.

One reusable straw can replace thousands of throwaways. Purchase a straw 2-pack online today and get a free straw brush, while supplies last. Offer good Friday, April 10th. Small change. Big impact.

Change a Habit this Earth Month
New Round Clear Nesting

You asked for it! In stock and ready to order: our new set-of-three leak-proof stainless steel Round Nesting Trio with Clear Lids—perfect for packing fruit, pasta, nuts, and bagels, and for storing leftovers in the fridge. And since they all nest inside one another they take up very little storage space. Pack lunches and picnics on the go, while saving trash from our ever-growing landfills.

New Round Clear Nesting
Koda Quest from Cool the Earth

Just in time for Earth Day, we’d like to share with you an innovative free app offered by our non-profit partner, Cool the Earth. Koda Quest is an app for smartphones and tablets that engages kids, ages 5-10, in taking missions to reduce energy and waste. We think eco-friendly parents will appreciate having an app that instills green habits at home. If you’re looking for something meaningful for your kids to do on Earth Day, try Koda Quest in the Apple App Store or Google Play.


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