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KIDS KONSERVE HAS PARTIES IN THE BAG – For School and Home Celebrations

(March 1, 2009 – San Francisco, California) Celebrate Earth Day and everyday with a party using Kids Konserve Party Paks – eco-green plates, cups and utensils all made entirely from 100% BPA and phalate free, recycled #5 plastic. Think old yogurt and cottage cheese containers. In addition, they are manufactured in USA!

Kids Konserve Party Paks are the reusable and dishwasher safe solution to having a classroom party, birthday party or picnic for 25 without creating ANY GARBAGE! No more purchasing paper plates, paper cups, plastic cutlery that ends up in your trash and our landfills and remains there long after the party is over – just a reusable Party Pak that works for all school and home events.

Kids Konserve Party Pak – Three bags full:
25 – 7” recycled plastic plates
25 – 16 ounce recycled plastic cups
25 – sets of recycled plastic forks, knives and spoons
Organized neatly inside 3 cotton drawstring bags
Sold as a set – retail $55.00
The ultimate in REUSE!!

Imagine the mounds of landfill waste created by a classroom of 25 students having 4 holiday classroom parties and an average of 6 student birthday celebrations per school year. This would amount to upwards of 250 paper plates, cups and disposable cutlery in a single school year. Multiply this by an average school with 400 students and 16 classrooms and you arrive at an astonishing 4000 paper plates, cups, plastic forks, spoons and knives being tossed in to our ever growing landfills.

Kids Konserve pledges to honor Earth Day by continuing to educate schools and families on the epidemic of our growing landfills and what we can do about it. By committing to the use of their Reusable Party Pak and other waste-free items for birthdays and picnics, you too may help save our earth on this Earth Day.

Kids Konserve supports the launch of their Party Paks with an informational web site featuring important yet easy-to-understand tips and activities for reducing waste in honor of Earth Day.

To learn more about Earth Day activities or to order the Kids Konserve Party Pak and individual reusable products go to or call 415-413-4723.

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